i had a small crush on a girl for a while like a few months ago and just recently me and her started hooking up but i didnt think it was anymore than that but she actually had feelings for me. and today we hooked up and then i made out with another girl in front of her and she apparently got really sad and cried and i feel like i fucked up because she was basically like a dream girl, i just didnt think any feelings were involved with this so now im like well what do i do because i actually want something from this now


im about to rant to you guys ok


Hindu Sculpture of Ganesha

sexual frustration is way too real right now


Zip of some Candyland

Casa M by Jannina Cabal & Arquitectos | © | HC


☯✌❀ a tropical paradise is here ❀✌☯

Legionowo House •• | ••

my mom just said the reason my brother is so insecure about his weight is because of me, even though for most of my brothers life he’s always had to listen to my mom complain about me and my sister being too fat. i literally am so offended that she says its my fault he’s insecure.